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Bovine, Equine & Small Animal Veterinary Care

Deep South Animal Clinic offers comprehensive veterinary services to customers throughout south Central Saskatchewan. We can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a brief closure at noon for lunch. On Saturdays we are available from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., and we have an on-call vet available after hours. To schedule an appointment or speak to our on-call vet, give us a call today! The services we offer include but are not limited to:



At Deep South Animal Clinic we offer thorough lameness evaluations of bovine patients. With a tip table in-clinic, we are able to safely handle cattle while doing a lameness exam, trimming feet, or treating sole abscesses. With digital x-ray on site, we are able to diagnose lameness problems accurately and efficiently.

Aqua Cow

One piece of unique equipment we have is our Aqua Cow float tank. This tank allows us to assist down cows that are unable to rise. The tank is often used in the spring following calving difficulties or injuries.

Pregnancy Diagnosis & Ultrasound

With cutting-edge ultrasound equipment, the veterinarians at Deep South Animal Clinic are able to accurately pregnancy test cattle. For herd management and bottom line efficiency, having your cattle pregnancy checked is a valuable decision. Not only will it allow you to know your number of bred cattle and open cows, it can also bring insight into pasture or bull problems from the breeding season.

Artificial Insemination (AI)

Are you looking at adding outside genetics to your herd, or tightening up your calving period? At Deep South Animal Clinic we offer individual synchronization protocols for producers. We will work with you to get the most out of your AI program, or we can offer the ability to AI an individual or group of cattle. Dr. Andy Acton has had great success within his own herd of cattle and with other groups that he AI's annually.


We carry an extensive line of bovine vaccines at Deep South Animal Clinic. From newborn calf vaccines to pre-breeding vaccines, we cover it all. Let us help you find the right herd health program for your cattle herd.

Bull Semen Evaluations

A very important part of cattle herd management is ensuring your bulls are working to their full potential. There are many factors that could influence semen quality including frostbite, degeneration, or disease. We recommend doing a semen evaluation on your bull group before pasture turnout each year. Individual semen evaluations can be handled in-clinic, while herd evaluations are easily handled on farm.

Bovine Surgeries

At Deep South Animal Clinic we take great pride in being able to offer many surgery options for our bovine patients. Throughout the year we perform many surgeries including hernia repairs, twisted guts, pin casts, gomer bulls, fistulas, and more. With the ability to perform surgeries in clinic year round, we are able to assist our bovine patients when the need arises. 


Come check out our clinic for all the supplies you may need. We stock both Z-Tags and Allflex tags, syringes, needles, cattle canes, halters, calving supplies, and more. If we do not have it, we can generally have it by the next day.

Emergency Services

Unfortunately, not everything always goes as planned. We offer emergency services for our regular bovine clients for problems that may arise that you are not able to deal with at home. We have the facilities, equipment and well trained staff that are able to handle emergencies in-clinic, such as dystocias, grain overloads, or broken legs, while some emergencies are better handled on farms, such as uterine prolapses. We always have a veterinarian on call for our bovine clients to handle emergencies that may arise after hours.


At Deep South Animal Clinic we have an extensive line of in-clinic diagnostic tools. This allows us to be able to diagnose what we perhaps cannot see. With up to date blood machines, microscopes, x-ray equipment, and ultrasound, we are able to look further into problems than we could many years ago. 

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