We offer a variety of medical, surgical, dental and routine wellness & care services in the animal clinic as well as boarding and general pet care and grooming services for both large and small animals. It is our goal to provide the best care for your pets and animals. If you need more information about the services listed here, please contact us at (306) 459-2422 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

General Health exams and Check-Ups

General Health Exams are suggested each year for your pet just as you would have a general check-up at your physician on a yearly basis. This allows us to assess the overall health of your pet by performing a physical exam. General health exams are generally performed at the time of vaccination for your pet and help us to detect and address any concerns before they become a major issue. This exam also offers you, as a pet owner, the time to ask any questions you may have regarding the health of your pet. Following a general health exam, the veterinarian may suggest further testing to address any concerns detected on examination.
At times, the need for more intensive diagnostics or care for your pet may arise. The Deep South Animal Clinic is able to offer such services as abdominal ultrasound, in house or referral lab work, digital X-ray and surgeries such as fracture or wound repair, caesarian sections and lump removals. Emergency service, hospitalization and critical care are also provided in our clinic.
Small Animal Services

Deep South Animal Clinic provides a full list of small animal services from exams to general surgery. Our staff members have the training to carefully handle all pets presented to our clinic to make the experience as low stress as possible for our furry friends. Commonly offered and routine services available at the Deep South Animal Clinic include:

Vaccination protocols for your pet need to be discussed with your veterinarian. Vaccinations help prevent certain diseases where treatment may be costly or no treatment may be effective. There are suggested vaccines that almost every pet should receive such as Rabies and Distemper/Parvovirus combination. However, there may be additional vaccinations for each individual animal depending on where you live or the lifestyle of your pet. Any concerns regarding vaccination should be discussed with your veterinarian.

Nutritional consultation- is available from both our registered veterinary technicians and our veterinarians. At Deep South Animal Clinic we carry veterinary exclusive brands of pet food such as Medi-Cal and Hills Prescription Diet. These diets undergo rigorous testing and are developed with sound research behind them. Our staff is able to make recommendations regarding diets available for your pet’s age, lifestyle or medical issues such as diabetes, obesity or food allergies.
Routine Elective Surgeries

These are more commonly known as spays and neuters or “getting fixed”. All cats and dogs, both male and female, not intended for breeding should be spayed or neutered. This prevents unwanted kittens and puppies and also helps to prevent serious medical issues later in life such as pyometra (infected uterus) in females or prostatic enlargement in males. Spaying or neutering can be performed once your pet is 6 months of age. Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have regarding these elective surgeries with our veterinarians.
Dental Exams and Procedures

Cats and dogs need dental care too!! Just imagine what your mouth would look like if you didn’t brush your teeth for 3 years! Routine dental cleanings and examinations are recommended every couple of years for your pet. We have the capability to do full mouth X-rays of your pet, clean their teeth and do extractions if needed. Keeping your pet’s mouth healthy leads to increased overall wellness in your pet as tartar buildup has been linked to certain other disease processes in cats and dogs. Preventative dental care, such as brushing, and certain diets (Hills t/d prescription diet or Medi-Cal dental) help to decrease tartar buildup and the need for extensive dental care in your pet. Have questions? Let’s discuss dental care for your pet!
Nail Trims

We provide professional nail trimming services for your pet which helps to reduce the potential of scratches and even broken nails due to excessive length. Regular nail trimming makes it easier for your pet to walk. In extreme cases, overgrown nails on your pet can grow into your pet’s paw. Remember to ask us about our nail trimming services to keep your pet’s nails and paws healthy!

Deep South Animal Clinic understands how important your pets are to you, so we have taken great care to create a comfortable, safe home away from home while you are away. Our pet boarding services are affordable and provide a nurturing environment for your pet. Remember, all pets checking in to our boarding facilities must be up to date on all vaccinations! Please contact us for pricing and additional details.
Large Animal Services

Our large animal services include both preventative medicine on a herd level and individual animal care. A more in-depth description of the services offered to our large animal clients can be found on the Large Animal Medicine Page.

Large Animal Medicine Services

As most of our large animal clients make their living raising cattle and horses, we understand the importance of maintaining overall health and wellness within their herds. The Deep South Animal Clinic offers a wide variety of services related to all aspects of herd health preventative management. However, individual animal medicine is just as readily available to our clients and their animals.
We strive to offer modern and innovative treatment plans backed by tried and true ideals. Deep South Animal Clinic is constantly working to provide top quality care to our large animal clients as well as their owners.

Bovine Services Provided

Herd Health Management

Maintaining the health of an entire herd of cattle starts with preventative measures for the entire group of animals. Generally this includes vaccinations, proper nutrition and addressing individual animal illnesses in a timely fashion. Our staff works with each of our cattle producers to develop a vaccine protocol to suit the needs of their individual herd based on the operation itself and the goals of the producer. The Deep South Animal Clinic carries the necessary vaccine for each producer or is able to order requested products required by our producers.
Reproductive Management
Ensuring that a maximum number of cows on each operation has a calf every year, allows us to ensure our clients are maximizing their profits from the herd. This starts with routine measures such as breeding soundness examinations on bulls prior to turnout. Also, we offer pregnancy diagnosis through either portable ultrasound or rectal palpation. With the ultrasound, we are able to detect pregnancy sooner and may be able to provide the client with additional information compared to standard rectal palpation.
Additional reproductive services offered include development of estrus synchronization protocols, artificial insemination (A.I.) or semen collection of bulls in clinic. Again, each of these services are tailored specifically to each client that we work with.


Spring is a busy time at Deep South Animal Clinic and on our client’s farms as well. There are occasions when a cow requires assistance giving birth. This can range from a simple pull to correcting a malpresentation to performing a caesarian section or fetotomy to remove the calf. Most of our calving cases are seen in clinic as we have all the necessary equipment readily available.
We also provide post-calving care such as replacing prolapsed uterus or treating milk fever.

Lameness Exams

The Deep South Animal Clinic has a cattle tip table located in clinic. This allows us to perform thorough examinations of the hooves and lower limbs of all sizes of cattle. As well, hoof trims can be performed while on the table. With assistance of digital X-ray we are able to detect various lameness issues and resolve them relatively stress free and safely on the tip table.

Aqua Cow Float Tank

One unique service available from Deep South Animal Clinic is the use of our Aqua Cow Float tank for assisting down cows unable to rise. The tank is used often in the spring following calving difficulties or injuries. For more information regarding the float tank, visit
Emergency services are available 24 hours per day all year round for our clients. Other commonly performed services for our bovine clients include fracture repair, dehorning, castrations, isolation/scour treatment, export to the USA, general surgeries, and cancer eye removal or cryosurgery and post-mortem examinations. We also have a portable cattle weigh scale that can be rented by our clients

Equine Services Provided

Again, the Deep South Animal Clinic is able to provide comprehensive equine services to our clients during the day and on an emergency basis after hours. This can range from routine physical examinations, Coggins testing and export to the USA, vaccination protocols and wound repair to more in depth procedures discussed below.

Lameness Exams

Soundness is essential to the equine patient. Complete lameness examinations are performed in clinic with the ability to diagnose using flexions, nerve blocks and digital X-ray. Routine lameness can be resolved in clinic (sole abscesses for example), with the help of a farrier or may be referred to specialists if surgery is warranted.

Pre-purchase Examinations

These examinations can be provided for a client on a prospective horse they may be interested in purchasing. Through complete physical examination, lameness examination including flexions and potentially x-rays, we are able to assist the purchaser is determining if the horse is sound or may have underlying abnormalities that may cause complications in the future.

Dental Examinations

A horse’s teeth continually grow throughout its life. The chewing motion acts to wear down the growing tooth, but sharp points commonly occur. These sharp points will vary in severity from horse to horse and every animal has a different sensitivity to these points which can affect how the horse performs. Therefore, the Deep South Animal Clinic offers dental care to its equine patients as well. We utilize an equine PowerFloat to remove the sharp points and correct a variety of other abnormalities that can occur in the mouth. Frequency of dental care required for horses varies between each animal but generally increases as a horse ages. If you are unsure whether your horse may need a dental exam, discuss your concerns with your veterinarian.

Reproductive Services

Our portable ultrasound can be used for pregnancy diagnosis in the mare. As well, we utilize the ultrasound when planning an artificial insemination breeding on the mare in the spring. Our clinic offers artificial insemination breeding on these mares with shipped cooled semen from Canada or the United States or with frozen semen.
On the flip side of things, we offer castrations on any male horse that will not be used as a breeding animal.


The Deep South Animal Clinic has a large indoor hospital facility for any animal that requires extended care.